Datum: 27.03. - 28.03.2006
Ort: Hilton Hotel Berlin, Berlin
Typ: Event
Kategorie: Kongress

Speaker Gert Zimmermann

Agenda :

  • Status Quo – Where is HDTV today
  • Products for today and tomorrow
  • Opportunity and risk of a HDTV introduction
  • HDTV and broadband IPTV – and how they influence each other
  • Grasp the challenge: How to integrate today’s and tomorrow’s ways of extension
  • What platforms are best suited to HD? - MPEG-4, DVB-S2
  • Distribution challenges for HD broadcasters
  • Types of network for HD distribution

Are you aware that according to latest market studies the IPTV & Triple Play market in Europe will grow rapidly and will exceed 7.5 billion Euros by 2010 with 3 Million IPTV users? Price wars in the telephony market, the war of platforms and securing new revenue streams are major drivers of next generation services.

Learn from the latest case studies about potential and market share of future IPTV

  • Hear how to build up IP networks to improve network service engineering on IPTV plaforms
  • Guarantee you have the best audience management in place: Acquire the right content and advertisement for your audience # HDTV on IPTV: Compelling, competitive and charismatic!?
  • Get updated on the latest coding and video compression technologies and standard to ensure metro core bandwidth
  • Learn how to handle content issues such as licences, frequencies and digital rights management to achieve an attractive content portfolio

Experience the IPTV & Triple Play strategy from leading companies

  • Belgacom SA, Belgium # Swisscom Fixnet - Bluewin, Switzerland
  • Kabel Deutschland, Germany
  • FastWeb SPA, Italy
  • NTL Group LTD, UK
  • Telekom Austria AG, Austria
  • SevenOne Intermedia GMBH, Germany
  • ZDF Vision, Germany
  • Evertz Microsystems LTD, Canada
  • European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland
  • ArtVoice Group, Germany
  • Neckermann Versand AG, Germany
  • EWT GMBH, Germany
  • Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany
  • Plazamedia GMBH, Germany
  • Ovum, UK
  • Bavaria Film Group, Germany
  • Tiscali, Germany
  • Telefonica SA, Spain
  • HanseNet Telekommunikation GMBH, Germany
  • Telecom Italia Lab, Italy